Fashion should be fun and with my photography I love to create those fun moments.


Barrenjoey Headland walk with the girls & the Cave

A long time ago I used to go up to the cave, but the last few times I could not find it

SYD_3190SonnyphotosSo with the help of the girls we set out to find it again SYD_3191Sonnyphotosno, just admiring the view SYD_3196Sonnyphotos SYD_3197Sonnyphotosit's on this side of the lighthouse SYD_3198Sonnyphotossomewhere in that direction SYD_3199Sonnyphotoslooking below SYD_3202Sonnyphotos SYD_3204Sonnyphotosgood view of Box Head SYD_3208Sonnyphotosdown there SYD_3214Sonnyphotosno found it, already inside SYD_3215Sonnyphotosceiling SYD_3216Sonnyphotosthat's how you enter SYD_3217Sonnyphotos SYD_3218Sonnyphotosmate, you are a tool SYD_3219Sonnyphotos SYD_3220Sonnyphotos SYD_3224Sonnyphotos SYD_3222Sonnyphotoshow many times do you have to scrawl your name in nature, what a tool you are SYD_3225Sonnyphotos SYD_3227SonnyphotosBelle not impressed with the tool leaving his name all over the cave SYD_3237Sonnyphotosadmiring the view SYD_3240Sonnyphotos SYD_3242Sonnyphotostime to go SYD_3246Sonnyphotos SYD_3247Sonnyphotoscave entrance

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