Fashion should be fun and with my photography I love to create those fun moments.


Barrenjoey Walk with the girls, the northen tip

After the cave we decide to go for a walk right to the northern end

SYD_3251SonnyphotosRock sculptures SYD_3252Sonnyphotosview SYD_3257Sonnyphotostexture SYD_3259Sonnyphotos SYD_3261Sonnyphotos SYD_3265Sonnyphotosswell too south for the Joey today SYD_3268Sonnyphotosspot the girls, and look how green everything is again, but it was more than a year ago since the big bush fire SYD_3270Sonnyphotos SYD_3273Sonnyphotosmade it SYD_3276Sonnyphotos SYD_3280Sonnyphotos SYD_3282Sonnyphotos SYD_3284Sonnyphotos SYD_3300Sonnyphotosback up the top we go SYD_3304Sonnyphotosso we can go down again

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