Fashion should be fun and with my photography I love to create those fun moments.


Sommerbergalm, Hintertux, Austria

sometimes it's just good to go for a walk :-)

PHC_2385Sonnyphotosour last day in Austria and I just wanted to go for a walk again like we did last time we were here PHC_2387SonnyphotosGirls wanted to have a relaxing day by the pool so it is just me and Evan. That's the glacier PHC_2390Sonnyphotosthat's the cows everywhere  PHC_2391Sonnyphotosthey must be used to that by now PHC_2398Sonnyphotosanyone like me thinking Milka right now, or is it just me PHC_2400Sonnyphotostotally different scene in winter  PHC_2402Sonnyphotoshow now brown cow PHC_2405Sonnyphotosok, that's enough cows for now PHC_2406SonnyphotosTux valley down below ( and where the car is parked ) PHC_2407Sonnyphotosoff we go PHC_2409Sonnyphotosmore cows PHC_2413Sonnyphotoscouldn't help it PHC_2414Sonnyphotoslong way to go  PHC_2415Sonnyphotoswater everywhere trickling down PHC_2418SonnyphotosEvan, your new facebook profile pic PHC_2420Sonnyphotos PHC_2423Sonnyphotostotally covered in snow in winter PHC_2426Sonnyphotosgetting to the tree line PHC_2429Sonnyphotoslove all the moss everywhere PHC_2431Sonnyphotos PHC_2435Sonnyphotoswhich way PHC_2438Sonnyphotosyeo, went all the way there last time to visit the marmites that live there PHC_2440Sonnyphotos PHC_2449Sonnyphotossound of music hill PHC_2451Sonnyphotos PHC_2453Sonnyphotos PHC_2454Sonnyphotosdon;t see these in winter PHC_2456Sonnyphotosand would never see these if you don't go for a walk PHC_2457Sonnyphotos PHC_2459Sonnyphotossuch an intense colour PHC_2460Sonnyphotos PHC_2461Sonnyphotos ok, time to join the girls by the pool  now

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