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Burg Colmberg, Germany

Always wanted to stay in a medieval castle, well now you can, and we did

PHC_2469SonnyphotosAfter our wonderful stay at the Sport Vital in Hintertux, it is time to head back to Belgium, but we were not going to the whole 10 hour drive in the one go. So we stop somewhere in the middle. And Jacqui and I like to play tricks on the kids as they are always askign where we are staying for the night. Jacqui wanted something special, so we got a castle, but we did not tell them, we told them we booked an apartment in this village through airbnb , and that it has an old castle we can visit .PHC_2471SonnyphotosSo when we arrived at the village I said let's check out the castle first before we "check in " Cheeky of us, kids were onto to us pretty quickly though, especially when the woman on reservation says hello we been expecting you PHC_2475SonnyphotosNice rooms PHC_2476Sonnyphotosgreat view over the land PHC_2478Sonnyphotosthe new part PHC_2480Sonnyphotosreading room PHC_2481Sonnyphotoscastle even has its own chapel PHC_2483Sonnyphotos PHC_2484Sonnyphotosbed, fit for a king PHC_2485Sonnyphotospretty small though PHC_2488Sonnyphotosnice light PHC_2489Sonnyphotosback in the courtyard, castle even makes its own brew PHC_2490Sonnyphotosgreat PHC_2493Sonnyphotos PHC_2495Sonnyphotoswe ended staying for dinner as well, which was delicious, they have a deer farm, so guess what was on the menu :-) PHC_2497SonnyphotosFull moon PHC_2498Sonnyphotosnice. Check out their website.

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