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Austrian Alp bush walk

_EUR0738SonnyPhotos there are several lifts to get up to the top of the mountain, so we caught a lift half way down the mountain and then walked the rest _EUR0743SonnyPhotos
_EUR0746SonnyPhotos awesome _EUR0747SonnyPhotos _EUR0752SonnyPhotos woauw, love it !!, the colours _EUR0763SonnyPhotos all together now " the hills are alive, with the sound of music ... " _EUR0768SonnyPhotos _EUR0779SonnyPhotos
_EUR0795SonnyPhotos time for  a bath _EUR0799SonnyPhotos
_EUR0808SonnyPhotos spot the little critters running around everywhere up here, they are called marmots _EUR0810SonnyPhotos _EUR0814SonnyPhotos
_EUR0817SonnyPhotos erosion _EUR0818SonnyPhotos walking back down after visiting the waterfall _EUR0821SonnyPhotos what a great day, and then to finish it up, a quick schnapps at a Stubl on our way back to the hotel, and at the hotel, every night we have the best meals. I don't usually plug hotels on my blog, but Sport Vital, Lanersbach in the Tux valley deserves a plug, we ate so well there, and all the staff are always so friendly, but not this swarmy friendly, it really feels genuine. we will be back
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