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Les Hemmes De Marck Beach near Calais Pt 1

Road trip to the french coast

PHC_2611SonnyphotosGarden still life before we leave PHC_2617SonnyphotosI came her about 6 months ago ( click here to see blogpost ) and wanted to visit this on our Roadtrip, but ran out of time, so I came for a day trip with Fredcha & Aglaia, plus their kids Kerel & Billie PHC_2619Sonnyphotoshe brought his remote controlled car ( plenty of space for it here ) PHC_2624Sonnyphotosquick bite before we step off PHC_2627SonnyphotosKerel tries to move the fallen over post I'm on PHC_2640SonnyphotosAnd just as we get ready to head the sun comes out, perfect PHC_2648SonnyphotosLet's go BilliePHC_2652SonnyphotosShooting with 50mm through binocularsPHC_2654Sonnyphotoscan you spot the windspout ( it actually really scared Billie and had to keep telling her it was ok and moving in the other direction and not towards us ) PHC_2657Sonnyphotostrying to get it through the binoculars PHC_2659Sonnyphotoscan still see it PHC_2660Sonnyphotoslook at that colour, I love this location PHC_2666Sonnyphotos PHC_2678Sonnyphotosand the space PHC_2679Sonnyphotos PHC_2684SonnyphotosDunkirk on the horizon PHC_2687Sonnyphotoswe could be in a desert PHC_2690Sonnyphotosat high tide this is covered in about 2cm of water PHC_2694Sonnyphotos PHC_2709Sonnyphotosedge of Europe PHC_2713Sonnyphotosbut Aglaia brought the wrong shoes PHC_2714Sonnyphotosoh oh PHC_2717Sonnyphotosprince to the rescue PHC_2725Sonnyphotos PHC_2739Sonnyphotos PHC_2750Sonnyphotoswhat is that on the sandbank, is it what I think it is PHC_2751SonnyphotosFredcha checks it out PHC_2743Sonnyphotosand yes, a pack of very big sea lions PHC_2746Sonnyphotos

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