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Les Hemmes De Marck. Location Spotting near Calais

Sun was out today so I took the 190km drive to Calais, I was in search for this location I had spotted from my flights to and from London.

AB0Z3930sonnyphotosWhen I flew a few weeks back form London to Brussels I spotted this scene out the windowAUS3565SonnyphotosA massive stretch of beach, so I did some googling, and nowhere I am AB0Z3931sonnyphotos copyAnd I noticed all these ponds from the end of the road to the beach AB0Z3933sonnyphotosWondering if they are natural marshes or man made ponds AB0Z3934sonnyphotosand what's with these black duc......hang on, they're not real. The swans in the photo above were AB0Z3936sonnyphotosand hang on, that's not a WWII era bunker like so many around here ( more on that later ) AB0Z3938sonnyphotosand again the fake ducks. Obviously to attract real ones, to then be shot form the bunker hide out. Cheap, that ain't sport,  AB0Z3939sonnyphotoson from the ponds, towards what I hope will be this big stretch of beach I saw from the air AB0Z3941sonnyphotosthat's man made, feeding or dealing with overflow from those ponds AB0Z3942sonnyphotosout to sea AB0Z3946sonnyphotosgetting wider, and the man made canal becoming very wide and shallow, can cross it here AB0Z3953sonnyphotos AB0Z3959sonnyphotosso vast AB0Z3963sonnyphotosyep, this is the spot AB0Z3965sonnyphotoslooking back towards land AB0Z3966sonnyphotoslots of these floating around AB0Z3967sonnyphotossome sort of eggs  AB0Z3971sonnyphotos AB0Z3974sonnyphotosI just found myself a photo shoot location :-) AB0Z3975sonnyphotos AB0Z3978sonnyphotosreminding me of the salt lakes in Australia when they have a small amount of rain water on them AB0Z3979sonnyphotoslooking towards the sea, still a lot of sand up ahead AB0Z3980sonnyphotoslooking south AB0Z3981sonnyphotospart of a boat AB0Z3982sonnyphotosstorm damage and then drifted on here AB0Z3984sonnyphotoslooking east, walked quite a bit and still not at the beach AB0Z3987sonnyphotoslooking west and a way to go yet AB0Z3989sonnyphotoszooming in on the boat AB0Z3993sonnyphotosmore things drifted on the beach AB0Z3995sonnyphotoswoauw,this actually looks like an old bottle ( it is ) AB0Z3997sonnyphotoslooking south again, and that would be the port of Calais with the Mountains of Cap Du Griz nez in the background AB0Z3999sonnyphotosWhat's with these 3 tracks  ? AB0Z4002sonnyphotosgetting closer to sea AB0Z4003sonnyphotos AB0Z4008sonnyphotoscrab trap ? AB0Z4010sonnyphotosstarting to see the beach now AB0Z4016sonnyphotos AB0Z4020sonnyphotos AB0Z4022sonnyphotosso vast love it AB0Z4024sonnyphotosand there she is AB0Z4025sonnyphotosthis must come in a fair way, it's just 2 hours since low tide AB0Z4028sonnyphotos AB0Z4031sonnyphotoslooking east, back to where I came from  AB0Z4037sonnyphotosmussel farm ? with sick righthander, except that that wave is not even half a foot :-) AB0Z4041sonnyphotosahaaa AB0Z4042sonnyphotos 3 tracks mystery solved, looks like fun AB0Z4044sonnyphotossahara sand dunes from way above ? AB0Z4049sonnyphotosDoes this photo remind anyone of another particular south australian photo, right answer wins an Oreo biscuit AB0Z4050sonnyphotoshint, instead of in sand its salt AB0Z4051sonnyphotosand high clouds, cumulus AB0Z4060sonnyphotoshe's back again, going in closer for a look AB0Z4064sonnyphotoslooks like fun AB0Z4068sonnyphotosof he goes AB0Z4069sonnyphotosand 10 min later back again with 2 of his mates AB0Z4080sonnyphotos AB0Z4086sonnyphotoswhy the helmets ?AB0Z4091sonnyphotosnot like you gonna hit a tree or a lamp post  AB0Z4104sonnyphotosheading back now, another location I want to check out 35 km away AB0Z4106sonnyphotosha, by chance, I cross my own path AB0Z4111sonnyphotosback past the duck ponds, but now I hear a lot more ducks and see more hunters AB0Z4113sonnyphotosturns out they bring some live ones as well AB0Z4117sonnyphotosso the visual in the water and the audible from the live ones to attract the wild ones AB0Z4120sonnyphotos AB0Z4121sonnyphotos

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