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After Calais it's off to Dunkerque to see the old WWII Bunkers in the sand dunes

Been meaning to check out this town for a long time, I remember coming here when I was a young kid

AB0Z4125sonnyphotos35 km from those duck ponds in Calais is the town of WW2 Historic significance, Dunkerque. Leaving it a bit late in the day AB0Z4127sonnyphotosnot even a 100m from the end of the road where I parked the car, and boom, bunker number 1 of many AB0Z4129sonnyphotosInside the bunker AB0Z4131sonnyphotosbunker 2 and 3 right next to it AB0Z4134sonnyphotosloving the graphic element here AB0Z4136sonnyphotosas you can see, plenty of bunkers, and interesting how sand, tide and winds has shifted the balance of these bunkers AB0Z4137sonnyphotosincredible AB0Z4138sonnyphotoslooks small in the phot, but this is big, would have housed a canon that would probably shoot a canon some 25 km AB0Z4143sonnyphotosjust begging for a shoot AB0Z4147sonnyphotosjust need the right stylist and idea AB0Z4149sonnyphotosnice art work amongst the bad AB0Z4151sonnyphotoserosion AB0Z4152sonnyphotosin a way this is the natural destruction of some sort of historical significance, and it troubles me a little AB0Z4154sonnyphotosconcrete rubble AB0Z4155sonnyphotosso much AB0Z4156sonnyphotoslove the white stones AB0Z4158sonnyphotoseroded wooden palings AB0Z4160sonnyphotosused to form some sort of barrier AB0Z4161sonnyphotosWHAT, 1778 installation of the first battery, woauw !! AB0Z4162sonnyphotosinteresting that this precedes well before WWII AB0Z4164sonnyphotos AB0Z4168sonnyphotosgetting dark, but there is still some more further up the beach for me to check out AB0Z4170sonnyphotoslike this one all on its on in the middle of the beach AB0Z4175sonnyphotos AB0Z4177sonnyphotossolid concrete worn down by wind and tide AB0Z4180sonnyphotoslook slike, just as in Australia , a lot of this beach has disappeared recently AB0Z4183sonnyphotosand in the middle of it AB0Z4185sonnyphotoslooks like something out of star wars movie AB0Z4190sonnyphotosor rather, we see where George Lucas got his inspiration AB0Z4193sonnyphotostime to head back AB0Z4211sonnyphotostide is coming in AB0Z4216sonnyphotosand it is getting dark AB0Z4219sonnyphotosport of Calais in the distance, small walk to go still AB0Z4223sonnyphotos

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