Fashion should be fun and with my photography I love to create those fun moments.


London > Brussels BA392. Welcome to the Northern Hemisphere winter

After landing in darkness on QF 001 it;s now off to Brussels on a grey dark miserable northern hemisphere day

_AUS3523SonnyphotosOne of those must be have been my ride I just came in on, and I'm guessing the other QF9 from Melbourne _AUS3524Sonnyphotosgrey mush _AUS3529Sonnyphotoson top of it now _AUS3531Sonnyphotoswe are not alone _AUS3534Sonnyphotosheading to the coastline _AUS3540SonnyphotosIt's a fact, European winters are too long _AUS3543Sonnyphotosunless you manage to get high above the clouds :-) _AUS3548SonnyphotosCoastline near Dover and Folkestone, actually I think this is more west of Folkestone _AUS3552Sonnyphotoslooking pretty windy down there today _AUS3553SonnyphotosNot the first time I seen this, the proximity of England to France, that's the port  of Dover at the bottom of the frame and on top of the frame we see Cap Gris Nez_AUS3554SonnyphotosBig messy wind swell down there by looks of things, not enticing enough for me though _AUS3556SonnyphotosDover Marine West Docks _AUS3560SonnyphotosChannel crossing  _AUS3564SonnyphotosCalais _AUS3565SonnyphotosI'm looking into this beach as a potential location _AUS3571Sonnyphotosaaah, Belgian skies :-) _AUS3572SonnyphotosPort Entrance to Dunkirk _AUS3573Sonnyphotoslooks like a lot of wind shaping clouds as well as the sea _AUS3575Sonnyphotos _AUS3577Sonnyphotosfront _AUS3579SonnyphotosLooks impressive, like an Iceberg, bet there is heavy wind involved here _AUS3585SonnyphotosRay of sunshine in between two layers of grey _AUS3588SonnyphotosHofstade, near Mechelen, spent a bit of time there when I was a kid _AUS3594SonnyphotosAhhh, Belgium, here I come

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