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Les Hemmes De Marck Beach near Calais Pt 2

too many photos to put them in the one post

PHC_2758Sonnyphotoslove this silhoute PHC_2761Sonnyphotos PHC_2769Sonnyphotoskwal PHC_2777Sonnyphotosheeere comes ... PHC_2784SonnyphotosBilliee PHC_2788Sonnyphotoswow, old ship hull PHC_2791Sonnyphotosdamn PHC_2795Sonnyphotosif this was in Australia that would be an historical relic PHC_2798Sonnyphotos PHC_2800Sonnyphotos PHC_2803Sonnyphotosthere was another one but there were 3 grumpy hunters with 2 dogs, that seemed not too keen on us enjoying a walk on the beach, so we did not check the 2 boat wreck PHC_2810Sonnyphotosnow we stumbled upon a sea of shells PHC_2814Sonnyphotos PHC_2815Sonnyphotos PHC_2819Sonnyphotos PHC_2820Sonnyphotosand another piece of a boat PHC_2826Sonnyphotosno drills, no screws, no gap sealer, old skool PHC_2827Sonnyphotoslove this find PHC_2830Sonnyphotoswish I could take it with me, would look great on living room wall ( a big wall I don't have ) PHC_2833Sonnyphotos PHC_2834SonnyphotosI'm mesmerized by this boat hull PHC_2845Sonnyphotoscoffee break PHC_2855Sonnyphotos PHC_2858Sonnyphotos PHC_2875Sonnyphotosanother piece PHC_2880Sonnyphotos PHC_2884Sonnyphotos PHC_2886Sonnyphotosanchor PHC_2894Sonnyphotos PHC_2906Sonnyphotosclouds rolling in again PHC_2907Sonnyphotosthat's a strong wind blowing sand along the beach PHC_2911Sonnyphotos PHC_2914Sonnyphotos PHC_2916Sonnyphotosrunning with the wind PHC_2922Sonnyphotos:-) PHC_2937Sonnyphotosmussels PHC_2943Sonnyphotosrain coming PHC_2946Sonnyphotosmussel farm PHC_2963Sonnyphotosyeah, start counting them Billie :-) PHC_2972Sonnyphotosso that's how they farm them, this is right on low tide, so naturally they would be covered in high tide PHC_2981Sonnyphotos PHC_2990Sonnyphotosback to the car we go PHC_3000Sonnyphotos PHC_3006Sonnyphotos PHC_3015Sonnyphotos PHC_3021Sonnyphotos PHC_3026Sonnyphotos

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