Fashion should be fun and with my photography I love to create those fun moments.


Monaco on a cloudy afternoon

After our swim and with the clouds coming in , they did not go away, but lucky for the kids, they have friends in the right places

PHC_0005SonnyphotosWe're in Monaco PHC_0008SonnyphotosKiana, one of the girls school friends, gives India a tattoo PHC_0009SonnyphotosKiana's parents every European summer run a fun park on the promenade of the Monaco harbour PHC_0012SonnyphotosLots to do , Kiana shows how PHC_0014SonnyphotosBelle obliges PHC_0016Sonnyphotosperfectly :-) PHC_0024SonnyphotosEvan makes the most of the climbing rockwall PHC_0020Sonnyphotoseven with his arm in plaster PHC_0025SonnyphotosWhen you know the people that run the joint PHC_0027Sonnyphotoswell PHC_0030Sonnyphotoswhat more can I say PHC_0033Sonnyphotos PHC_0034Sonnyphotoslook at those smiles PHC_0040Sonnyphotosphoto bomb PHC_0056Sonnyphotosweeeeee hehehe PHC_0067Sonnyphotosdefinitely not a beach day PHC_0074Sonnyphotosafter dinner the kids get to try out these balls, looks fun PHC_0079Sonnyphotosexcept they can't stay up PHC_0082Sonnyphotoskeep falling down :-) PHC_0088SonnyphotosKiana shows them how it is done PHC_0090SonnyphotosfunPHC_0093Sonnyphotosoh ooh, my turn PHC_0114Sonnyphotosok, lets do this PHC_0084Sonnyphotos PHC_0097Sonnyphotos PHC_0101Sonnyphotoshard work :-)PHC_0115Sonnyphotoscracked my head a few times ( turns out water was not deep enough, gets filled up again in the mornings ) PHC_0118Sonnyphotosthis is more fun :-) PHC_0125SonnyphotosGreat idea, get some colour on his cast

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