Fashion should be fun and with my photography I love to create those fun moments.


Spending a day in the water near Cannes

checked into our hotel at Ville France Sur Mer, which is just around the corner form Cannes. Had an experience here before 4 years with Evan in hospital

PHC_9898SonnyphotosAnd Jacqui has a underwater shoot coming up, PHC_9911Sonnyphotosso best we test out the water and the camera PHC_9919Sonnyphotoszen PHC_9924Sonnyphotosalways a rock to jump off PHC_9928Sonnyphotosgoing down PHC_9932Sonnyphotosand back up PHC_9949SonnyphotosIndia posing underwater and Evan coming in to bring another rock to the white rock formationPHC_9965SonnyphotosBelle amongst the floaties, what ever they are PHC_9967Sonnyphotosx marks the spot PHC_9974Sonnyphotosin closer to shore PHC_9982Sonnyphotosnot as dark PHC_9984SonnyphotosThe spot PHC_9986SonnyphotosThe girls PHC_9985SonnyphotosThe weather turning PHC_9991SonnyphotosThe view PHC_9995Sonnyphotosand then the pool back at the hotel PHC_9996Sonnyphotosbecause that's what you do on holidays, go in the pool again after being for a swim at the beach PHC_9998SonnyphotosHi mum PHC_9999Sonnyphotosposers PHC_0002Sonnyphotosah, and always the photo bomber PHC_0003Sonnyphotosooh, we have a come back, go India

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