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You Spin me round, Cloudbreak from above :-)

Jacqui's First Heli Ride :-)

So Jacqui has never been in a helicopter, and not something she will stick her hand up for if it was offered ( fear of flying ) Our flight back to Sydney was cancelled so the airline put us up at Sofitel in Denarua ( I know, yuck place ) and after checking in , we drove just off Denarua to indian for lunch, driving back and forth to hotel, I saw the Helicopter and scenic flight sign. did not say anything. So when we got back to hotel I said to Jacqui I needed to call the car hire place to let them know we will have the car for another day, I knew she would not wait for me and instead go to her room. So I then go to the concierge and get them to help me book a scenic flight, and keep in mind, sunset is about 20-30 min away. So quickly booked then ran back to the room to tell Jacqui we need to go quickly as I have just been told off this great place to take photos from off the sunset. As expected, she was not that keen and would rather sit by the pool and have a relaxing drink, fair enough, but hey we need to go , So managed to drag her in the car, and you should have seen her fsce when I pulled up next to the helicopter, where ( see above ) the pilot was just taking the covers off again ( he thought he was done for the day ) Jacqui went stiff, but good on her for getting on board and dealing with her fears SON_2208sonnyphotosup and away over Denarua SON_2220sonnyphotosCo-pliot Jacqui :-) SON_2222sonnyphotostimed it well, beautiful colours SON_2230sonnyphotossee, good spot to take photos from SON_2234sonnyphotosMainland ( that where the boat out to Cloudbreak usualy tracks along ) SON_2236sonnyphotosTavarua in sight SON_2244sonnyphotosawesome light SON_2247sonnyphotosTavarua SON_2250sonnyphotosand cloudbreak beyond, I'd say the competition just finished for the daySON_2252sonnyphotosNamotu ( one day we will stay here ) SON_2265sonnyphotosNamotu and Tavarua beyond SON_2285sonnyphotosTavarua with mainland on background SON_2315sonnyphotosCloudbreak, was surfing out her yesterday, epic wave. SON_2324sonnyphotosThe dots you see behind the judging tower, is the judges etc... walking back from the tower to the waiting boats after a day of competition SON_2331sonnyphotosLooking along Manolo reef SON_2336sonnyphotosTavarua, Namotu and the Mamanuca's SON_2338sonnyphotosTip of Tavarua and the epci wave know as Restaurants peeling on the edge of the reef SON_2348sonnyphotosperfection, but probably only a foot todaySON_2349sonnyphotosHeart shaped :-) SON_2351sonnyphotosOne day I'll get to surf this wave SON_2355sonnyphotospretty up here SON_2359sonnyphotosRestaurants glistening SON_2360sonnyphotoslast look SON_2367sonnyphotosheading back SON_2378sonnyphotosagain, perfect tining SON_2387sonnyphotos SON_2393sonnyphotos SON_2399sonnyphotos SON_2404sonnyphotos SON_2414sonnyphotos SON_2424sonnyphotosIsland just off Denarua SON_2429sonnyphotos SON_2434sonnyphotosSofitel hotel we are staying at ( and why people rave about Denarua I don;t know, It's like staying in the marinas at the gold coast, or Cairns, no sould, no Fijian culture, the beach sand is brown as is the water, so no snorkelling ) SON_2450sonnyphotoswhat a ride SON_2457sonnyphotossmiling with a heart beating a little faster SON_2461sonnyphotosview from heli pad SON_2466sonnyphotosall the birds on the wire SON_2468sonnyphotoshed back to hotel for sunset drink SON_2471sonnyphotossunset view from hotel SON_2478sonnyphotos SON_2480sonnyphotosdeciding what to drink SON_2483sonnyphotosnice view ( despite the brown water ) SON_2484sonnyphotosgood night

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