Fashion should be fun and with my photography I love to create those fun moments.


Tavuni Hill Fort Sigatoka and Tavarua Surf in Winter

By Fijian standards, a cold winter day, Australian standards, a cool summers day, by Belgium standards, awesome day in Paradise

SON_2101sonnyphotosSigatoka River from the top of the ruins of the old fort SON_2109sonnyphotosvery lush valley SON_2111sonnyphotosJacs SON_2115sonnyphotosOld homestead remnants SON_2117sonnyphotosPanorama, click on image for larger view SON_2123sonnyphotosblessed SON_2125sonnyphotosthe town at the bottom of this steep hill SON_2130sonnyphotosGrave of the last Tribal chief form the fort ( 1800's ) SON_2142sonnyphotosheading back down SON_2145sonnyphotos SON_2146sonnyphotosnext morning, out near one of my fav surfing spots SON_2149sonnyphotosMamanuca Islands SON_2151sonnyphotossuper windy, pretty much Fiji winter day, just been surfing cloud break with only 6 other guys out, 2 hours before the pro competition started, so was good fun SON_2163sonnyphotoscan't tell but it is pretty windy SON_2166sonnyphotosAfter cloudbreak, still keen for a wave we checked out Namotu, but it is way toowindy SON_2169sonnyphotosYep, even though it was warm for me in the water in jut boardshorts, the captain of the boat is in his middle of winter gear, too funny

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