Fashion should be fun and with my photography I love to create those fun moments.


Nadi > Sydney FJ914

Leaving Fiji behind again, as always, trip too short and did not do everything we would like to have done.

SON_2496Sonnyphotosup and away, Denarua SON_2497Sonnyphotos SON_2498Sonnyphotos SON_2502Sonnyphotosnice colours SON_2507SonnyphotosDenarua again SON_2513SonnyphotosSonaisali, heading out to Tavarua SON_2515Sonnyphotoslove it SON_2519SonnyphotosTavarua, Namotu and Manolo reef SON_2521SonnyphotosLittle left at restaurants SON_2522Sonnyphotos SON_2527SonnyphotosCloudbreak, Tavarua, Namotu SON_2533Sonnyphotosabout to go through the clouds and loose sight of cloudbreak SON_2534Sonnyphotosabove cloud cover SON_2543Sonnyphotoswould make a good print SON_2549Sonnyphotoseyes to the world SON_2556Sonnyphotoslooks so peaceful down there SON_2566Sonnyphotosnice SON_2568Sonnyphotoswe are not alone SON_2577Sonnyphotosgetting closer to Sydney and getting darker SON_2583Sonnyphotosyep SON_2585Sonnyphotosincreasing heavy clouds SON_2590Sonnyphotos SON_2600Sonnyphotoswinter has arrived in Sydney while we were in Fiji SON_2608SonnyphotosLong reef SON_2611Sonnyphotosrain streaking past SON_2615Sonnyphotoslooking very grey today SON_2616Sonnyphotos

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