Fashion should be fun and with my photography I love to create those fun moments.


Martin Grant in his Paris Studio

I still have enough time on my schedule to pay a little visit to Martin in his Parisian studio

_AUS4163sonnyphotosJust so happened to be "press day" in Paris today _AUS4180sonnyphotosSo his SS14 Collection was on display _AUS4168SonnyphotosWe started chatting and then, even though a lot of designers don't necessarily like having their photo taken, I thought I'd risk it and ask anyway. And lucky for me he said yes ( but maybe he just said yes anyway and might have preferred if I did not ask hehehe ) _AUS4172SonnyphotosAnd I had already spotted this little area, where all the fabric was stored on rolls near the window, in the corner of my eye, where the soft winter light was flowing in nice and soft . Took a few frames, showed it to Martin and saw what I saw as well. I'm really happy with these shots, no professional lighting, no make up no photoshopping, just nice natural light _AUS4178BWSonnyphotosLooks good in B&W as well :-)_AUS4170SonnyphotosI made a little gif as well ( couldn't help myself ) Martin will be heading to Sydney again soon, as the Qantas uniforms will be ready soon. For those of you that did not know already, but Qantas has employed Martin Grant to design their new uniforms, it currently is Peter Morrissey, and I believe it is 8-10 years now that it has been since last change of uniform, so Martin got tapped, and back in June Qantas did a big announcement and launch in Sydney ( I was there shooting exclusive backstage, check it out ) So soon, the change will take effect and Martin will be in Sydney for it to oversee it all. Anyway, besides Qantas, let's not forget that Martin is an amazing Australian designer based for many moons in Paris and his current SS14 collection is fantastic. He knows how to keep his clientele happy. Thanks Martin for allowing me to put you on the spot like that and trusting me to take a nice shot :-)  

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