Fashion should be fun and with my photography I love to create those fun moments.


A Visit to Lutz Huelle's Show room in Paris

I have an extra day in Paris, so after breakfast I go and pay a little visit to designer Lutz. I did not make it to his SS14 show in October due to other show being on, so I make up for it to bring you a few selected highlights from Lutz's SS14 collection

_AUS4003BWSonnyphotosLutz in his showroom _AUS4004BWSonnyphotosgetting some outfits together for me to shoot _AUS4005BWSonnyphotos _AUS4014BWSonnyphotosAnd Lutz has gorgeous Laia Bonastre working for him doing all his press and communication _AUS4036BWSonnyphotosLucky for me, she is a former Spanish model _AUS4041BWSonnyphotosLutz inspiration came to him from a thought he had, what if I don't turn up for work, and go to the beach instead ( hmm, been there) So I would go to the beach but not in beach clothes as it was a last minute decision. So the clothes from the salt, sea air and sun, would get sun bleached _AUS4058SonnyphotosLike it _AUS4062Sonnyphotos _AUS4075Sonnyphotos _AUS4081Sonnyphotos _AUS4091Sonnyphotos _AUS4099Sonnyphotos _AUS4106BWSonnyphotos _AUS4116BWSonnyphotos _AUS4124BWSonnyphotos _AUS4135BWSonnyphotoswas starting to get a little overcast now _AUS4142BWSonnyphotosbig thanks to Laia _AUS4158BWSonnyphotoswho got thrown into this last minute, no make up no styling, just throw on some outfits and get photographed Thanks

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