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Qantas New Uniform Launch Fashion Show, Sydney, Backstage

MAC_4701SonnyphotosQThe M.A.C. are taking a liking to Captain Jake :-) MAC_4732SonnyphotosQThe only models booked for the show, the Captains ( they were too busy to be called away from their duties of flying planes to model a new uniform, and rightly so ) MAC_4745SonnyphotosQthe anticipation MAC_4751SonnyphotosQand nervousness on all these pretty faces MAC_4763SonnyphotosQloving the symetrical cut on these uniforms, and the colours MAC_4767SonnyphotosQthis guy is full of energy and ready to go MAC_4804SonnyphotosQMrtin Grant checking some final finer details on the uniform MAC_4811SonnyphotosQ

MAC_4816SonnyphotosQThe other star of the show ( Uniforms are the star in case you did not guess that ) coming along to help a hand and a Qantas ambassador, the lovely Miranda Kerr MAC_4824SonnyphotosQ

MAC_4828SonnyphotosQLet's start the show MAC_4835SonnyphotosQCaptain MAC_4843SonnyphotosQWoauw, what a roar of applause and approval coming from the crowd MAC_4846SonnyphotosQ

MAC_4850SonnyphotosQFollowing the footsteps of Miranda Kerr, how stoked would you be, she was so nervous about walking out straight after Miranda, but now look at her, love it, yew !! So much good energy here MAC_4855SonnyphotosQand an even bigger applause coming from the crowd when they realise all the models are actually Qantas staff. The energy back here now is electric, as you know, I have covered all the major shows backstage in the world's fashion capitals, but never have I experienced this positive energy coming from the crow, amazing, well done MAC_4859SonnyphotosQ

MAC_4861SonnyphotosQgo girls :-) MAC_4881SonnyphotosQand boys MAC_4883SonnyphotosQ







MAC_4986SonnyphotosQJ'Adore MAC_5005SonnyphotosQloving the uniform by the way, the colours used and symetrical cut MAC_5050SonnyphotosQHappy people MAC_5084SonnyphotosQ

well done MAC_5087SonnyphotosQJ'Adore
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