Fashion should be fun and with my photography I love to create those fun moments.



CLD_7617SonnyPhotostaxing Sydney runway, with Sydney CBD in the background CLD_7618SonnyPhotosand off we go CLD_7621SonnyPhotos
busting through the greyness CLD_7635SonnyPhotosjust beyond the blue mountains it clears CLD_7637SonnyPhotosand it clears more CLD_7640SonnyPhotosonce more in the outback CLD_7641SonnyPhotosloving all the shapes in the landscape CLD_7650SonnyPhotos



CLD_7659SonnyPhotoslooks awesome CLD_7661SonnyPhotos

CLD_7664SonnyPhotoslooks amazing CLD_7667SonnyPhotos

CLD_7668SonnyPhotosthere's water down there, Rifle Creek Dam, near Mt. IsaCLD_7674SonnyPhotoshmmm, salt works in the north queensland outback ( possibly Northern Territory ) found it, just not in view is the town of Mt. Isa CLD_7678SonnyPhotoscould not find anything on salt works in Mt. Isa, but it sure looks like salt doesn't it CLD_7685SonnyPhotosrossing into Nt Territory CLD_7695SonnyPhotos

CLD_7708SonnyPhotosgetting tropical CLD_7713SonnyPhotosthat'd be Darwin River Dam CLD_7715SonnyPhotos



CLD_7728SonnyPhotosand then we have Darwin CLD_7739SonnyPhotosbrings back memories from when I was here in 2006 CLD_7746SonnyPhotos
to the west, north west of Darwin, just nature , no cities, or cosmopolitan landscape like you have at other capitals, just bush ( and crocs, lots of crocs ) CLD_7750SonnyPhotosleaving Australia coastline behind CLD_7759SonnyPhotosinternational waters
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