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Sydney>Singapore part 2


I'm having a ball taking all these photos. Normally this flight departs at 4 ish in the afternoon, but Qantas changed the schedule, so now it is more of an afternoon flight so instead of half the flight being in darkness, all the way to Singapore is in daylight CLD_7776SonnyPhotosTimor sea

CLD_7779SonnyPhotosI have a feeling this is East Timor CLD_7782SonnyPhotosYEs, Timor, and this is near Wini, West of Dili CLD_7786SonnyPhotoslooks very lush down there CLD_7794SonnyPhotospretty cloud over the Savu Basin CLD_7795SonnyPhotos

CLD_7803SonnyPhotosFlores Region, Indonesia CLD_7804SonnyPhotosand looks like surf down there CLD_7809SonnyPhotoslooking across Flores and East Nusa Tenggara, lots of dormant volcanos down there CLD_7813SonnyPhotoswoauw, look at that Isalnd CLD_7814SonnyPhotoslooking at the active Volcano of Pulau Palu CLD_7815SonnyPhotosand this is apparently Pulau Sukun desa Semparong Kabupaten Sikka, with Sukun lake, like to add a visit to this island to my bucket list CLD_7817SonnyPhotos

CLD_7830SonnyPhotoslove those tropical cloud formations CLD_7839SonnyPhotos


CLD_7844SonnyPhotosmucking around with the curves on this shot :-) CLD_7843SonnyPhotos


CLD_7853SonnyPhotosKuala Pembang CLD_7861SonnyPhotos



CLD_7877SonnyPhotosas you can see, I am really enjoying this flight with all these wonderful sights to photograph CLD_7892SonnyPhotos

CLD_7895SonnyPhotosawesome colours CLD_7909SonnyPhotosBintan beach off Singapore CLD_7912SonnyPhotoslanding on sunset, perfect timing CLD_7914SonnyPhotosSingapore Strait CLD_7911SonnyPhotoshow I keep tabs of where I am when I take the photos ( and google earth )
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