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Tommy Hilfiger Surf Shack Maldives Gone Surfing Day 5 part 1

Well I definitely made a new friend :-)TOM_0519SonnySurfShackTommybribery with food always makes it easier :-) TOM_0522SonnySurfShackTommyYes, more sunblock and another surf :-) TOM_0528SonnySurfShackTommyChris is amped, he's going to catch a wave today TOM_0533SonnySurfShackTommyas is Marco TOM_0555SonnySurfShackTommywell we know Maryela will, as she already has caught about30 waves on this trip, she's on fire improving her skills every session, and loving it TOM_0559SonnySurfShackTommyShe was even keen on making sure the wax was good on her board :-) TOM_0565SonnySurfShackTommyafter the surf session ( I shot video ) we head to yet another island for an evening bbq TOM_0576SonnySurfShackTommyYara wants to move here, as we all do :-) TOM_0587SonnySurfShackTommyeven Ursula Andress lives here, hang on, that's Jacqui"bond girl" Turner TOM_0591SonnySurfShackTommyPrincess Ushwa Captain TOM_0599SonnySurfShackTommyI actually got him to pose for the camera, all of 2 seconds hehehe TOM_0601SonnySurfShackTommyall in water volleyball game TOM_0605SonnySurfShackTommythen a little exploring TOM_0608SonnySurfShackTommyI get Bie to pose for me TOM_0616SonnySurfShackTommythen all three TOM_0620SonnySurfShackTommyI'm a sucker for driftwood TOM_0625SonnySurfShackTommysomething quietly beautiful about it, serene beauty TOM_0640SonnySurfShackTommysun slowly going down TOM_0648SonnySurfShackTommylittle sadness in the air, as tomorrow is our last day TOM_0660SonnySurfShackTommybut for now we are still having fun :-)

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