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Tommy Hilfiger Surf Shack Maldives Gone Surfing Day 5 part 3

Strange feeling, after living on a boat with a crew of people from different countries you never met before, everybody got on really well with each other, but we all know that tomorrow we are all going our separate ways again, we don;t talk about, we are enjoying the moment, but we all know it is also on all of our minds, strange, but still we are all having a good time and happy to be in this amazing place with such a good bunch of us TOM_0681SonnySurfShackTommyNow I mention the above as I see it now in this photo of Maryela, and I bet she is thinking it, savoring, but a little sad to know she is not going to be able to surf those perfect waves again after tomorrow TOM_0708SonnySurfShackTommybeing here on this island also makes you realise global warming is a real exisitng threat to these people TOM_0710SonnySurfShackTommy TOM_0712SonnySurfShackTommyso many of these island spread out over 800km TOM_0742SonnySurfShackTommy TOM_0748SonnySurfShackTommylet the party begin TOM_0766SonnySurfShackTommyItaly leads the way TOM_0769SonnySurfShackTommywith Spain quick to join in TOM_0797SonnySurfShackTommySurf Shack Gone Surifng Girls TOM_0805SonnySurfShackTommylove it TOM_0809SonnySurfShackTommySimon gets the colours TOM_0813SonnySurfShackTommytime for to get the barbie going TOM_0827SonnySurfShackTommywhale shark spotted on the beach, to find how this got here and more beach party pics , click here

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