Fashion should be fun and with my photography I love to create those fun moments.


Another visit to Wollombi and see my mate Kezza :-)

EUR_7465SonnySonnySitting around a big campfire in the evenings EUR_7466SonnySonnyKerrie is down with her horses, about to give the kids a ride EUR_7468SonnySonnyyep EUR_7469SonnySonnylots of these around EUR_7472SonnySonnyKerrie's place up in the trees EUR_7473SonnySonnyand the paddock below EUR_7482SonnySonnyafter the kids first horse riding lesson we go to visit Dean " the earh mover " at his farm, as we have a lot of food left overs from last nights feast ( thanks for that Kerrie ) and we brought up some prawns and Dean tells us his pigs loves the prawn shells, perfect, don't want to waste them, so of we go EUR_7484SonnySonnyto Dean's place EUR_7486SonnySonnyto feed the pigs ! Hmmm, yum, bacon EUR_7490SonnySonnybig head EUR_7500SonnySonnyand whitey's eye EUR_7510SonnySonnymmmm, and lamb for dinner :-) EUR_7503SonnySonnyBelle picking out one to put in the over ( just kidding ) EUR_7512SonnySonny2 weeks old EUR_7517SonnySonny
EUR_7523SonnySonnythen there's these ladies to check out as well ( oops, and one bull ) EUR_7527SonnySonnyI asked the girls what they saw, as I said I saw a big fat juicy steak, well, they said they saw ice cream and chocolate :-)

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