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Pick your own madarins at Wisemans Ferry, or, Mandarins on Poladroids

EUR_7532SonnySonny-polaAfter our visit to Kerrie and Dean's farm, we left Wollombi, but took a detour ( oh, and how the kids in the backseat juat loooove a detour ) down to St. Albans and Wiseman's Ferry EUR_7534SonnySonny-polaafter lunch at the St. Albans pub, we cross the river by ferry, and Jacqui reminisces of the time she came here with the kids to pick mandarins, so we take another detour to see if we can find the place again...we did EUR_7535SonnySonny-polaand it just happens to be the season right now for picking mandarins EUR_7537SonnySonny-polawe're all loving this of course EUR_7538SonnySonny-polathis one got missed a few times EUR_7539SonnySonny-pola



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