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A week back in Avalon

IMG_0997SonnyWinter time, and another impending rain storm coming IMG_0996Sonnybut clouds on the horizon generally forecasts an increase in swell IMG_1003Sonnynext day, no increase in swell, but beautiful winter's day, so we go for a walk on the rocks at south Avalon, never been here, so interesting to see the beach from another angle IMG_1004Sonny'd love to have a place on the headland there. IMG_1005Sonnysome great natural sculptures in the sand stone rocks formed by wind and salt spray. Battery died at this stage, so no more pics from the rest of our walk, but we will come here again in summer for a swim, as we found a nice little cove that would be good for swimming, one of those summer days when there is no swell IMG_1015SonnyWinter means nice roast dinners, about to pop this in the oven IMG_1021SonnyAnd Avalon, means , sitting at the round table at Cranzgots and eating yummy pizza's

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