Fashion should be fun and with my photography I love to create those fun moments.


Sandbar in the Pacific Ocean

_OZI0701Sonnyphotos After that little surf session our Captain, Maika, told us about this sandbar that will be exposed at low tide, so off we go _OZI0709Sonnyphotos lovely _OZI0712Sonnyphotos Evan plays beached whale while India and Jacqui go explore _OZI0713Sonnyphotos while Belle, being the good girl that she is, puts on more sunblock _OZI0718Sonnyphotos awesome, print please _OZI0723Sonnyphotos Evan, goes to join the girls _OZI0727Sonnyphotos
and to think at high tide it will be gone _OZI0740Sonnyphotos
hehehe, gif time, sorry couldn't help myself, too cute :-) _OZI0744Sonnyphotos hot looker stranded on the beach _OZI0755Sonnyphotos ok, time's up _OZI0772Sonnyphotos so the kids take turn in sailing the boat _OZI0781Sonnyphotos Cool Captain Evan

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