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Sabeto Valley Mud Pool and Thermal spring, Fiji

_OZI0790Sonnyphotos After all that salt water, time to wash it off, so we head inland to visit a mudpool I just read about in the paper, a little bit of the beaten track _OZI0801Sonnyphotos bit of difference in colour water _OZI0804Sonnyphotos but jeez, it looks like fun doesn't it _OZI0809Sonnyphotos kids playground _OZI0817Sonnyphotos and that's the spot right there, you put your feet down there and it is 50 degrees _OZI0823Sonnyphotos Oh, I want to have a go _OZI0831Sonnyphotos
:-) _OZI0838Sonnyphotos
_OZI0841Sonnyphotos and this is the hot spring, it bubbles up and is about 70 degrees. They chanel this to a bigger pool they dug out and that's where we sat after the mud bath, very nice and relaxing _OZI0842Sonnyphotos and woauw, I was wondering what these ladies were all sitting around for, fijian massage for 10 Fiji$, so the kids got their first ever massage _OZI0845Sonnyphotos
_OZI0846Sonnyphotos I get one too of course, but as Jacqui said more like a coconut oil rub than a massage :-) _OZI0848Sonnyphotos another look at the source of hot water before we leave _OZI0853Sonnyphotos next trip I think we willneed to do a full exploratory trip inland _OZI0854Sonnyphotos

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