Fashion should be fun and with my photography I love to create those fun moments.


Sonny's surf time

_OZI0608Sonnyphotos my turn for some fun, ready to jump of the boat, as the captain sails right up to the back of the peak _OZI0609Sonnyphotos and off I go _OZI0611Sonnyphotos back in a bit :-) _OZI0620Sonnyphotos the line up seen from the boat after they sail back down the line up 621Sonnyphotos2
time for a gif animation of me surfing :-) give it time to load _OZI0663Sonnyphotos view of the back of the wave _OZI0696Sonnyphotos just snagged the leg rope on my last wave on the reef, so not risking losing my board as well, so I come back in _OZI0700Sonnyphotos Even though my surf session is cut short, I'm still smiling

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