Fashion should be fun and with my photography I love to create those fun moments.


Sydney > Los Angeles

_OZI6651sonnyphotossonnyphotos about 10-11 hours later into the flight, sun's up, but not on my side _OZI6653sonnyphotossonnyphotos America _OZI6655sonnyphotossonnyphotos san miguel island to be precise, part of the channel islands national park of the coast of Los Angeles _OZI6657sonnyphotossonnyphotos I wonder if they have any surf down there ever ( anyone ? I suppose I could just google it to find out ) _OZI6659sonnyphotossonnyphotos Port Hueneme and channel island harbour _OZI6660sonnyphotossonnyphotos the farm fields of Oxnard with pacific highway cutting through it _OZI6661sonnyphotossonnyphotos big white building in the middle is the great Getty Center _OZI6663sonnyphotossonnyphotos with the 405 running past , drove along that highway a few times _OZI6666sonnyphotossonnyphotos West Hollywood, with Hollywood hills _OZI6668sonnyphotossonnyphotos downtown L.A. _OZI6671sonnyphotossonnyphotos long beach freeway , running alongside the much used as location aquaduct, but running with water, never seen water in it before _OZI6673sonnyphotossonnyphotos
_OZI6674sonnyphotossonnyphotos the 710 _OZI6677sonnyphotossonnyphotos the 110 _OZI6679sonnyphotossonnyphotos famous white no go zone , compton _OZI6682sonnyphotossonnyphotos yes, city of highwaysm the 405 with Palos Verdes in the background _OZI6683sonnyphotossonnyphotos LAX _OZI6685sonnyphotossonnyphotos qantas's grounded A380's

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