Fashion should be fun and with my photography I love to create those fun moments.



_OZI6686sonnyphotossonnyphotos After an hour or so in transit , it's of again to continue on the New York _OZI6687sonnyphotossonnyphotos Palos Verdes _OZI6688sonnyphotossonnyphotos 180 degree turn _OZI6689sonnyphotossonnyphotos El Segundo ( remember the song ? ) _OZI6691sonnyphotossonnyphotos Marina Del Rey and Venice beach _OZI6692sonnyphotossonnyphotos
_OZI6693sonnyphotossonnyphotos 10-15 min out of LA and there's snow on them hills _OZI6695sonnyphotossonnyphotos Mojave National park or are we already in Arizona _OZI6697sonnyphotossonnyphotos another flight , another sunset _OZI6698sonnyphotossonnyphotos _OZI6700sonnyphotossonnyphotos fast forward about 4-5 hours later, and I'm in my hotel room at Soho Grand about to devour this yummy Grand Burger, because that's the masive suckt thing about American Airlines, even though it is a 5 hour plus flight, they provife a meal, ( disgusting AA ! )

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