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Crimson Rosella's at Jemby Rinjah

_SFW8666SonnyPhotos After some pub food the night before and a couple of games of pool with Jacqui, her nephew Ben and Ben;s girl Sarah ( yes, I did impress Jac's with my que skills ) I did get up early enough ( ok, it was only 8 am, but hey we are on a get away ) to see the local birds come down for half hour feeding session. And what a delight to be so close to these magnificent birds, readers of my blog no doubt know by now all the rainbow lorrikeet feeding we do back at Jacqui's and the Cockatoo's, but the Rosella's never come around, they just don't seem to be as willing as the lorrikeets to come down. There aren't as many Rosella's on the beaches, but there are still some around. But here at the lodge , I counted more than 40, all in the one spot. _SFW8668SonnyPhotos
_SFW8676SonnyPhotos _SFW8695SonnyPhotos
_SFW8701SonnyPhotos _SFW8708SonnyPhotos
this must be what they usually feed off ( I'm making an assumption here ) _SFW8710SonnyPhotos
Really stoked to got some pics of these magnificent looking birds. It was a grey overcast morning, so you can imagine how much the colours would pop when the suun is out.
Okay, time now to wake that other bird :-)
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