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Blue Mountains get away

_SFW8631SonnyPhotos It was time for me and Jacs to get some time off and head west for a few days _SFW8629SonnyPhotos
blue mountains here we come _SFW8637SonnyPhotos
it's that time of the year, where walking around in just a t-shirt is getting a bit too fresh _SFW8638SonnyPhotos
and the idea of sitting around a fire at night sounds very inviting ( and romantic ) and the days are getting shorter _SFW8641SonnyPhotos so we arrived at our destination, Evan's lookout, just in time for the last rays of light _SFW8642SonnyPhotos
already planning to do the 8 hour walk down there, looks amazing _SFW8646SonnyPhotos my honey, all rugged, and dangerously close to the edge _SFW8648SonnyPhotos it's a long way down _SFW8652SonnyPhotos there really are some amazing bush walks down there, but every year there still seems to be some sort of tragedy with people getting lost, so be careful, plan your walk well.
Anyway, after this we went to our "lodge" for the night. Jacqui's nephew Ben is one of the managers so we got ourselves a great deal. The place is called Jemby Rinjah Eco lodge, and it is well worth a visit inmy book, as you can walk to the photo above from your lodge, unfortunately, while we were there though the track down Evan's lookout was closed due to a landslide a while back , so National Parks is doing a total upgrade ( we'll be back ) So, in the meantime, if you plan to visit the mountains and want to stay somewhere away from all the toursity spots riddled with Blue mountain tourist shops and over priced cafe's , check this place out, and tell them Jac's sent you :-)
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