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Bridal Veil Falls walk, Blue Mountains

_SFW8712SonnyPhotos late breakfast and some antique store window shopping later, and we are at Govett's leap for our afternoon walk down to the Bridal Veil waterfall. And I'm just loving our views _SFW8714SonnyPhotos down we go , about a quarter of the way down now, and a lot of moisture _SFW8715SonnyPhotos yep, it's a big canyon _SFW8718SonnyPhotos a little breather and take in the view _SFW8749SonnyPhotos made it, doesn't look high, but that's a 300meter water fall _SFW8752SonnyPhotos Jacqui sets up a little spot for our lunch ( thanks Ben for the cheese ) _SFW8755SonnyPhotos
For our walk back I switched to my 100mm macro lens _SFW8758SonnyPhotos
do you see why they call it the blue mountains _SFW8777SonnyPhotos
this time, going back up, we did need a few pauses, pretty steep going up _SFW8790SonnyPhotos
_SFW8802SonnyPhotos wouldn't want to be that tree in a heavy and rain _SFW8824SonnyPhotos nearly there _SFW8833SonnyPhotos
close to the edge _SFW8863SonnyPhotos made it, and there is a magnificent Superb Lyrebird waiting for us at the top. Now back to that open fire and bottle of red. ( and sorry Jac,s a half decent restaurant, note to blue mountain travellers, avoid mondays , as most, if not all, restaurants are closed on a monday )
And as always , you can read a better report on the get away at Running Under The Sprinklers
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