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Sydney-Singapore QF291

Love a good day flight over australia, as opposed to a red eye, or a late afternoon take, this way I get to take so many more photos, and boy there's a lot to look at in this post

got to love a bus board, not, unless it's Emirates in Dubai, so organised there pulling back take off, Sydney international airport QF11 waiting I assumeSydenham & Marrickville Canterbury Guildford new Sydney airport slowly coming along Warragamba Dam and she's flowing Rainbow over the dam crossing blue mountain Jenolan State forest and all the pine tree plantations Oberon Blayney and Belubula River Outback nsw keeping track of where I am Around Hermidale just past Cobar flying over that Darling river system between Bourke and Wilcannia, and eventually flowing into Menindee lake Near Tilpa Gilpoko Lake, Poloko Lake and Peery LakeParoo- Darling National Park looks like a farm to the right in the middle but best I can find is it is some sort of Pipeline access as it is on the pipeline access track and Wilcannia-Wanaaring road Turleys Hill outback airstrip called Dugout Near Cameron Corner, which is where NSW, South Australia and Queensland borders meet Fort Grey Basin Near Bollards Lagoon South Australia Riecks Road near Merty Merty entering the Strzelecki Desert near Merty Merty Strzelecki DesertLake Hope, Cooper Creek & Lake Warrakalannafingers crossed, head to Ayers Rock, but being doubtful, looks like we track too far north for me to see it Mungeranie Lake Howittlooks like it filled up recently Diamantina River near Cowarie in the foreground  Lake Thoopoocoonallie & Lake Pirriepatchillie no name in the middle and Lake Pantoowarinna above it looking at this on google maps, and looking a lot drier on google maps Simpson desert with a lot of water at the moment Lake Umaroona  struggling to find the name of this river Lake Umaroona and Lake Griselda Poolowanna Lake so many lakes in the Simpson desert but now entering the Simpson desert where there are no lakesjust red sand Ghan, Northern Territory getting closer to Alice Springs red sand and rock Hale it constantly surprises me how little information there is about these big rock formationsarea of 200sqm and it says is Hale pretty much about to fly straight over Alice Springs Still Hale Maryvle road but then it also says Old South Road Hale I guess :-) another big rocks formation with no name near the Alice Springs Off road club On top of Alice Springs, and that is the Alice Springs Correctional facility at High Standley Chasm Burt Plain Burt Plain Narwietooma Dashwood Creek MacDonnel Region Lake Mackay looks great, but remote no roads pretty we are in very remote part of Australia Lake Bennen and Newhaven Sanctuary homestead Mount Doreen Cattle Station interesting non human made shapes, nesr the border with Western Australia Lake White, still in Northern Territory, border is roughly in the middle of the photoentering Western Australia Lake White in W.A., Miningarie Creek Tanami according to google, but a solid 4-6 km away fromsalt lake ? lake Gregory with a lot of water at the moment Sturt Creek and or Waterfall creek near Mueller ranges near lake Betty 2 lakes with no names ( according to google )  so I'll it Lago Australis St George Ranges St Georges Ranges Yakanarra Still St Georges Ranges interestign shapes as well spot a few cattle stations along the Fitzroy River Fitzroy River Yungngora with airstrip St Georges Ranges was hoping to get a glimpse of Broome, but like Ayers Rock earlier, we'll be too far north Looma and Upper Liveringa Pool KimberleysCamballin at the bottom Fitzroy River Fitzroy River about to flow into the ocean a lot of water flow now Fraser River woauw Like a plant The Fraser flowing into Fitzroy incredible nature flying over the top of Derby and up in the middle can just make out the shape of Broome Bobieding Coolomb Point Nature Reserve Dampier Peninsula so pretty, and I guess inaccessibl  Pender Bay would love to walk along those beaches that sand spit you can imagine how pretty it would be there, especially on sunset ok, Dampier Peninsula, say good bye to Australia Indian Ocean Indonesia spotted and check out the waves Plane had us tracking towards Bali so was expecting to see Uluwatu, but we fly directly over instead, so we are looking at Alas Purwo National park ( checks notes, wait..what ) that's G-Land !!! famous left hand remote point break check those lines peeling off the point left hander heaven Muntjar oh woauw Volcano, Mount Raung, an active volcano must be tall, as there are several volcanoes on Java, and this one is poking through the clouds East Java another one, Semeru ? Besuki Utama Raya Beach and power plant Semeru Gunung Arjuna Surabaya, about to get dumped on big tropical storm cell Intense right on top of Lamongan, East Java Java Sea always something to see crossing the Java Sea captain just asked us to buckle up 10 min later cleared the turbulence storm and cumulus spotted this on satellite about 40-50 min out from Singapore now we're not alone Manggar and one of its many islands another storm cell forming Bangka Island We're not alone, Emirates flight more storm cells Big one over Bintan Island, which sits of Singapore impressive Mapur oh woauw, Singapore is under a massive storm cloud as well love my window seats White Sands Island water clearer here than Singapore, and we are just across the Singapore Strait more storms with a phallic member could be a great sunset Kampang and right under that cloud is Singapore flying behind it as opposed to into it I guess Palm plantation anyone Lebam River raining now literally flying on the Indonesia/Singapore border Changi landedlook at the colour of those storm cloudsleaving Sydneyflight track, as you can see, stayed just north of that cloud cover flight track across Australia leaving Australia, Dampier Peninsulacrossed right on the tip of Uluwatu Java Seaapproaching Singapore Storm clouds in Java sea and that big one over Singapore

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