Fashion should be fun and with my photography I love to create those fun moments.


Mid North Coast with the folks

been a bit quite on the posting, it's a summer thing, I slow down with the internet :-)

After showing my parents my house in Bowraville I take them to one of my favourite spotaThe Never Never River in the Promised Land, just north of Bellingen bridge over the river Dad being a dad beautiful spot for a swim swimming holes dotted all along the river good spot for a swim and a pic nic afterwards I take them to the famous Urunga boardwalk but very windy today, did see a few stingrays in the sand and a big crab driftwood on the beach great location after heavy rains, flooding upstream and taking out trees, when those trees exit into the coean, the strong south winds and swell wash them back up on the beaches and I love how some people build these very windy, great day for wind surfing, but no one out shifting sands at the mouth of the river, so much sand built up on the breakwall last time I was here , this was a deep channel of river water exiting into the ocean

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