Fashion should be fun and with my photography I love to create those fun moments.


Koonorigan and Wategos Dolphins

after visiting mid north coast with the folks we meet up with Jacqui, folks head back to my brothers and Jacqui and I continue north to visit mi mate Kezza :-)

what a view, overlooking one side of the property looking back at the homestead and the track to the extra house on the property farmlife camp kitchen have home will travel so many of these around how's the colour of the pineapple tamarillo The original owners of this property have already done all the groundwork for a very productive farm with so many varieties of fruit and nut treeslots of Staghorns sprouting on trees everywhere, it's the right climatehow is this tree branch, Stag horns all lined up King Parrot come to say hello Kerrie takes us to the bottom of the property where there is a fresh creek checking it out and one of these Polaris to get around on the property life lots of bananas on the property as well they look fatter than minepine tree more stags love me a good wrap around verandah can see myself sitting here on those hot summer days with a cold drink, or on cold winter day with a hot chocolate nicethe other dwelling :-) our place to stay camp kitchen I just love these majestic plants lovely outlook, can just make out the banana grove and of course, another of my favourite, Frangipani another fruit orchard more bananas 2 of them, just about ready to go , just need the cow and then it's fresh banana smoothies every day :-) faithful farm companion, everywhere you go Craig, checking out job/project #53 just follows me around cut back some monsteria, and thought it would act as good ground cover to keep the weeds out at job/project #16 the homestead I'm stoked for Kerrie with her move from Wollombi to here yes, one of these is going to be very helpful as well Kezza, the farmer girl now neighbours after our stay at Kerrie's, go to do a surf check, but wind is onshore and sloppy small waves what's that though dolphin and child just cruising oh, more of them, surfing love

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