Fashion should be fun and with my photography I love to create those fun moments.


Riyadh > Dubai > Sydney EK412

Riyadh Fashion week done, so time to head back home

Left Riyad at 03:30 am or so, so no photos till just landed, was on wrong side of plane for sunrise, and below was too much haze, so did not take any photos always amazes me the size of the emirates fleet and the airport is busy, planes coming and going 24/7 a couple of hours in transit and we're off home, long flight coming up take off, all those darker squares you see in the dunes are all " Desert & Safari camps " The S105 - Al Ruwaida, Sharjah Oman on the bottom, and UAE on the top Gulf of Oman in the distance Dabain Dam at the bottom there Majan Industrial Area Port City of Sohar Qaboos Naval Base Suwadi Al Batha Muscat, and the Mountain range behind it Dima Wattayeen, Oman Ghayyan Munjarid Oman interesting shapes, google maps has it down as a hiking area, and there is , waht looks like a swimming hole in the middle, near Al Mudhaireb, Oman colours Jebel Khadar Wadi Bani Khalid river snaking down from the mountain near Sabt colours Al Kamil W'al Wafi Al Wafi approaching coastline of Oman Al Ashkharah port town down to Ashkhara beach and I'm telling, there is surf down there, not big, but pretty sure there are some fun waves down there Pink lake tourist attraction with a potential righthand point break fun little beach peaks everywhere ( so long as the wind does not blow on shore, like now )one day I'll get down there with a surf board, and check out the camels surf breakscrossing the Arabian Sea fluffy love my window seat nearing India westcoast near Kochi storm clouds, and the clouds set in and I tried, unsuccessfully, to get some sleep9 hours or so later, approaching Australia East coast oh, my little marine jelly fish again, not quite lit up like last time west of Goulburn Wollondilly River Lake Burragorang Nattai River in Nattai National Park The Oaks Liverpool, Wattle Grove and Holsworthy Military Airport Prospect Reservoir Banking M7, Blacktown Ku-ring-gai Chase National Park, looking over to the central Coast Duffys forest and Terry Hills in the middle with Pittwater , Lion Island and Broken BayChatswood Artarmon North Sydney The Iconic Sydney Harbour Lane Cove River Cockatoo Island Parramatta River Sydney CBD Anzac Bridge, and we land

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