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Melbourne > Dubai EK409

On my way to Spain, via Melbourne and Dubai

Very early morning departure, had to catch last domestic flight from Sydney and stay at airport hotel as there was no domestic flight early enough from Sydney that would make the connection. Now, about 1 hour after departure , first light somewhere of the coast of Smoky Bay dawn colours of the Great Australian BightLucky Bay, Cape Le Grand Western Australia, very early in the morning. I have been in the very early morning time zone for about 3 hours now :-)Cape Le Grand Beach, hard to tell in this early morning light, but the colour of water looks amazingEsperance, Western Australia, passed through here twice a very long time ago The pink salt lake at Esperance Still early morning light beautiful sunrise colours near Fitzgerald River National Parklots of salt lakes, Magenta Lakesnice colours, love thisNear Pingrup, Western Australia Lake Grace looking stunning in this early morning light Dumbleyung Lake rain clouds on sunrise so pretty, almost looks like jelly fish with its tentacles floating on the ocean surface so pretty, stoked I got to see this loving how the early morning light is catching on the rain drops falling to the ground Youraling State Forest those colours quick look from the window on the other side Leaving Australia, Collins Pool , south of Perth, Western Australia6 or so hours later I open the blinds again as I have been informed by the captain that we will be flying over the Maldives, and I'm psyched for itgreat clouds in the Indian Ocean and when you can see the reflections of the clouds like that, means no wind and will be great surf right now if there is a swell running at Maldives just a lot of blue and cloudscrossing the Equator from South to North Spotting my first look of Maldives and that would be GanRaiymandhoo one of those places I'd rather be Dhigarru I'm a sucker for that light blue colour of the water Just stunning Spot the resorts and all those amazing atolls for a day of snorkelling Laccadive Sea Fulidhoo really need to come back here Rasdhoo Manta after Maldives, was not much to see and now we are crossing the desert of Oman love my window seat, but when you are on the upper deck of the A380, this angle of the window makes it not easy start of the mountains that take you to Hatta The S153Al Riqaibah and the E102 crossing the S149Ali his highness garden villa and placeyeah, nah that just does not look inviting just a couple of palaces in the sand Sharf Al Nakhali, looks like a park, maybe part of the safari park, but it's actually a private property Dubai Safari park final approach landedThe journey

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