Fashion should be fun and with my photography I love to create those fun moments.


London > Singapore > Sydney QF2

Fashion circuit done, time to head back home

waking up over the Bay of Bengal long flight from London and as usual, dark by the time we depart so no photos ( bring back QF32 ) love watching the clouds below from airplane window thanks to these puppies, up here, nice and high love these storm clouds entering the Andaman Sea now seat with a view cumulus one day I'll my own big poster sized photo printer and pumping these out as prints land ahoy, looks like Sinaboi Island of Sinabol Indonesia, near north Sumatra and the Straits of Malacca, busy international shipping lane Pajak, Rupat Island Rupat Island Telukleclan, Rupat Island Straits of Malacca boats, steaming to Singapore Bengkalis Island Meskom, Bengkalis Island low tide, giving the impression that there are waves, but I think it is just the really shallow water and maybe all the waves from the passing tankers :-) Teluk Kembungluar Rangsang Island Topang and Majoeng Islands slowly descending now Tanjung Tulan Gemuruh, Kundur Barat Semuntah & Kisar, Indonesia banking to go to Singapore PAcet Island of Buru Lebuh, Belat Sugibawah Island lining up straight now to land at Singapore, Sugie Island all the boats of Singapore in the Singapore Strait and there are lots of them landedthe track taken on the last 2 hours of flying into Singapore 12 hours later, about to land in Sydney first light, just west of Wollongong somewhere Can just make out the city lights of Wollongong lovely early morning colours just south of Sydney banking turn to line up with runway for landing. About 3 minutes later would look totally different with the sun up should be a nice day ( nb , it was and I went for a sim and a surf ) final approach Cape Bailly Kurnell Botany Portflight track of final approach

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