Fashion should be fun and with my photography I love to create those fun moments.


Melbourne > Auckland QF157

Ready to skip across the ditch to New Zealand

managed to snag an earlier flight out of Brisbane, giving more time in the first class lounge wasn't busy, so I could use one of the conference rooms, one with a great view watching all the coming and goings ground crew's tools of the trade Q & Q and Qantas in the retro paint I've been on one, but not flown on one, one day storm rolling in airport was literally on a stand still, no planes coming or going as all ground crew were herded inside to wait for the storm to pass clear skies coing back just been called to go board, so last photo ready to pull back from the gate what;s going on there zoom in, looks like a burst main, a hell of a lot of water pouring out taxing and another Qantas retro paint good to go past international terminal zoom in, can see where I was sitting plus the room next door where I got a complimentary neck and shoulder treatment let's go take off and woauw, what a sight only getting better the higher we go the other side wide angle, print please looks amazing, and the colours just another storm in Melbourne rain on sunset banking turn, and still pretty Yan Yean Reservoir more storm clouds to fly over now probably the storm that passed the airport earlier lots of it around leaving Australia, at The Lakes Entrance, Kalimna

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