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Auckland > Melbourne QF152

Successful quick trip across the ditch, meeting done and catch up with Nigel Russel who I've not seen for a good 20 years or so, was awesome to catch up

Early morning start. But what they didn't tell me for their 6am flight, with check in at 3am is that the actual airport air-side does not open till 4am ( and today they were late in opening not till 4:30am ) so sitting in a food hall with 100's of other passengers waiting for security to open is not how I envisioned spending the morning, could have had another hour sleep at least. So if you ever traveling on an early flight from Auckland, you now know not to bother getting there at 3amready to taxi pulling back making it to the runway, one arrives as one is getting ready to leave a wet rag does not make a clean window, come on guys, how about we give these cleaners some windex sunrise take off, Big Bay Big Bay Point and Cornwall Point, where Big Bay meets Orua Bay Huia, I was thinking of visiting there yesterday and staying at Piha, but the South Wester was so strong all day, would have just been blown around ( SW down there is like a dead on shore ) Manukau Heads on the bottom and Whatipu Beach wrapping around into the bay at top Te Toka-Tapu-a-Kupe / Ninepin Rock & Paratutae Island, plan was to walk around down there, check out the black sand. Next time, when it is not so windy zoom in, love the big triangle shadow cast by Paratutae Island big swell today, left over from that howling on shore wind all day yesterday how black is that sand then looking further north and in the middle we have Piha trip climbing above cloud cover no one sitting at the window at the other side of the plane so quick last shot of New Zealand crossing the ditch white lines serious storm clouds getting closer to Australia land, love how the clouds just have that little opening so I can see Victoria zoom in, 3 Mile Beach part of Wilsons Promontory National ParkYarra Ranges, poking out above the cloud cover covering all of Melbourne this morning State Forest, looking over a massive expanse of cloudcover which is blanketing the whole of Melbourne metropolitan areaflight path Approach to airport

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