Fashion should be fun and with my photography I love to create those fun moments.


Paris > Naples AF1578

Paris Fashion Week done, so we head to Naples to then go to the Amalfi coast :-)

busy morning at Charles De Gaulle airportjust like us, preparing to take off take off, Paris's Charles De Gaulle airport on a rainy morning France clouds clearing approaching the Alps Lake Hallwil and Lake Baldegg in the foreground Lake Zug and Lake Lucerne unfortunately looks like the Alps are about to be covered in clouds popping out on the other side The Alps not much snow around morning mist still hanging around in the valleys Sant Antonino love this, looks peaceful again, no snow pretty, this would make a good print Swiss/Italy just magical Porlezza Lake Como Lake Como and the Dolomites I'm so happy right now to be able to capture this stunning scenery the clouds hugging Cermanati Ridge crossing one of the many rivers between Milan and Florence Marecchia river, as we enter Tuscany Montedoglio artificial lake Montedoglio dam Umbria Airport Mount Cucco National park in foreground then National Park of Gola della Rossa and Frasassi ( with its amaxzing caves ) and and on the horizon on the Adriatic sea, Del Corner National Park deep gorge starting at Belforte Province of Riete and Lake Campotosto Piedicolle and Lake Campotosto omg, we went to that mountain range just recently on our Europe 2023 road trip Parco Nazionale del Gran Sasso e Monti della Laga, Jacqui and I were here about 6-7 weeks agoit was a great stop on our road trip I spotted those run offs on google earth and wanted to get a closer look ( and glad we did ) was pretty impressive, although, up here, 33000 feet doesn't look as big and impressive as it does on the ground ( in winter that whole mountain range is covered in snow, about 200 km east of Rome, and there are some ski terrains)this one gets snow as well in winter, Sirente-Velino National Park and Mount Sirente and that one at the top, Maiella National Park Lake Barrea and Mount Greco Lake Campolattaro banking to Naples Pompei morning haze here as well but after landing, realize that's a lot of individual rubbish burnig goign on as well tsk tsk tsk A16 seen that one before on my first flight to Naples just a little over a year ago coming into land and great view of the north side of Pompei mountainflight track final approach

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