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L'Idee Shoot at Villa Scarpariello, Ravello amalfi Coast, Italy

Paris finished and get to shoot at this fantastic location thanks to L'idee

Landed at Naples and now driving towards Ravello heading up the mountains to pass over to the Amalfi coast but just had to stop to take a photo of Pompei view arrived at our location for the next 2 days Villa Scarpariello, Ravello amalfi Coast, Italy this property is amazing, it has 3 buildings with rooms/apartments so the whole crew is staying here, L'idee team, video crew, hair and make up, models that's the balcony of one of the crew....epic !!Roberta is here, she has a great view form her roomview from dining room looking down at the pool will be using that for the shoot for sure sunset time now this, I kid you not, is the view from my bedroom, how lucky am I
dream job after the month long fashion circusthen in the morning view from my bedroom sun rays coming over the ridge Minori my balcony ( so I sleep with the doors open as the bed looks out to this ) but paid the prize by getting attacked by mozzies make up time and we Charlotte again good to work with Charlotte:-) as well as these 2, Nabile and Roberta hear no, see no, speak no evil :-) pool area looking good what a locationwill use the 400mm for the first shot place we are staying at is a bit of a tourist attraction, constant flow of boats cruising past first location dinner tonight ? tender final touches and ready for 1st shotone of the many views from this placenext morning and another incredible sunrise the other bedroom window view love my room's view another cracker of a day coming up breakfast on my balcony

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