Fashion should be fun and with my photography I love to create those fun moments.


Shibuya, Tokyo, Japan

my first trip to the land of the rising sun

First photo in Japan, walked out of the hotel and this is what I see we're right on the JR line, near Shibuya street art damn, not sure about all those cables first stop the exhibition at Team Labs pretty lots of photos taken in this room great with the mirrored floor after a long flight from Europe, figured it was best thing to do, go to an exhibtion next section was a water one, you just have to go then the orchard room immerse yourself in orchards suspended and moving up and down after exhibition, mono rail back to Shibuya interesting looking building view from Park Hyatt plan was to be here for sunset pretty Mt Fuji now dinner, so many great options in Tokyo back at my "spot" walking to Yoyogi park they are very strict here about crossing the street at a crossing ( of course I did ) Meiji Jingu shrine barrels of sake as donation and barrels of french wine poles made with 1000 year old tree from Taiwab a lot of people, and pretty warm today nice detail on one of the doors shrine door nice details partner shadow non stop planes flying over outside at the metro the up and coming new pop sensation back to the park hyatt pretty sunset mt Fuji re enacting the lost in translation scene which was at this very bar those cables rice cracker I should have bought some

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