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Helsinki > Tokyo AY73

I've flown to Tokyo once before on a re route, but I have never actually been to Tokyo

couple of hours transit in Helsinki airport and back on board for next leg ready to take off take off should be an interesting flight today heading due north 350 something degrees straight over the north pole and down the other side would normally fly east, but thanks to Putin, we no longer fly over Russian airspace and instead fly up and over and down ( see flight track at bottom of the post ) layers lots going on Finland a lot of clouds around near Oulu ? with going up and over on this close to 13 hour flight, I was wondering if I will get more than one sunset when I saw those colours on the horizon I thought, yes, maybe, but not to be , sun just did not set at all, was middle of the day sun all the way, all the time thick cover and that sun is not setting swirls so much going on in this photo love it where we are doesn't look real a lot of cloud cover Longyearbyen, and on google maps, there is just nothing on this island normally, when you click on an area on google maps, it will give at least a prvince/district and or country, zip zilch nothing Glaciers, at the very northern tip of Nordaustlandet, Uninhabited, nature reserve island featuring many large ice caps, tundra, reindeer & walruses. getting closer to the north pole and ice thick cloud cover, but every now and then I can see a bit of ice east of the north pole so much cloud but again, a glimpse of the ice every now and then would be great to see the view from the cockpit ice interesting formation passing the north pole and heading south now , after bearing north for about 4 hours plus ice thick cloud again getting close to west coast Alaska Bering Sea near the Kuril Islandsoff the coast of the Japan now wish the cloud cover was more like this when we flew around the north pole about an hour out now slowly descending great shapes and there we go, my first look at Japan, Chosi Tone River at Chosi Port use your imagination and you see Godzilla in the clouds Sudahama beach and yes, there is surf here clouds Sawara Higashi Tokyo farm land Shintone river next to the Tone landed, let the Tokyo adventure begin interesting flight map straight up and then down heading to Tokyo final approach to Narita

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