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Stone Cottage in Montalbano Elicona, Sicily, Italy

with all this travelling, you get to stay at many places you find on hotel sites or air bnb, hoping you find something great and unique, we hit the jackpot with this one. Helikon - la dimora del viandante ( The home of the traveller )

the lounge, in front of the stove pit ( notice the big boulders, as it is literally built on top of of a rocky hill )kitchen bedroom, and notice the ceiling, the traditional slats of wood with the strips of dried reed stalks in betweenreading corner kids bedroom bathroom ( which was big ) beautiful little details everywhere outside bbq and wood fired pizza oven ( obviously we did not stay here long enough, otherwise would have tried to make a few pizza's )comes with all the tools you need and sundial on top of the door, so you can keep an eye on time while you aredrinking beer making pizzas again, Italy's town and villages all have cats view from the top no cars up here, not just narrow, but half the street is a rock it's about 30 something degrees, but it does snow here in winter, and the stone walls are nice and thick If interested there are quite a few places for sale here, that do need a bit of work, but the price is cheap and result rewarding cats weathered for sale, with an entrance like that, how could you not with details like this at your front door entrance.... would love to see the inside actually details all the different door knockers textures Can just imagine sitting here in winter with the fire going ok, enjoyed our stay here, at this stage of the road trip, one of our favourite places to stay ( if only we could get something like this on Cala Rossa in Favignana0 our accommodation there was very so so _

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