Fashion should be fun and with my photography I love to create those fun moments.


Argimusco in natural reserve of Orientata Bosco di Malabotta, is the Stonehenge of Sicily

Our host from our stay upon leaving suggested we do a small 15 minute detour to go see Sicily's stone henge, I'm glad we listened

the site phallic ? geologist came to check it out but unlike the real stonehenge turns out these are just rocky outcrops shaped over time by the elements so wind erosion cute, herders dog and flock of rock goats track back Jacqui and Belle more goats spot the goat then around the corner we see Mt. Etna ( smouldering, and did you know you can ski on Mt. Etna in winter, they even have ski lifts set up, up there ) gate Montalbano Elicona where we just stayed the Basilica and fort, on we drive to next stop

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