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Hintertux Kaunertal Beautiful Blue Sky Ski-ing Day

Another great day on the mountain ( even though it is a bit windy ps wind burn is a thing )

love this, cloud over Austria Italy border not making the same mistake as yesterday by not bringing the camera up before the clouds roll in again and what a beautiful looking day, Olperer sticking out, but the 2 Olperer T-bar lifts still closed today looking across the Austrian mountains into German mountains Looking the other side Hohen Riffler there's some serious powder, but then no lift back Austrian mountains and then on the right Italian mountains skied down and up the other side now you can just see the cable car I took to the top there and then took those previous photos looking this way ( I'm just under the Olperer mountain )
And those two Gefrorene Wand T-bars also closedpretty empty, I can count about a dozen skiers , that's it looking south, Italy is on the other side and you can make out it's still windyOporer going up again still can't get over how empty the runs are heading across to a little off piste run now heading over there to where those skiers are under the Lrmstange mountain need to ski down to another t-bar first and up we go, again, looking how busy the t-bar is Kleiner Kaserer, looking nice, fresh tracks frothing, look how pretty that is a few have beat me to it, but I'll still find some if I stay far right behind me, windyleg burner, put the camera away, so taking these with the phone now weirdo :-) still got a bit to go and looks a bit rough down there now behind me, that part was fun ( would have been better if I made more of a priority to get here first in the morning ) Hi Gletscherzunge such a steep mountain side, just over a hunder years ago, that was a full glacier, all the way to the top of that ridge that would have been a good 300meters of ice on top of me

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