Fashion should be fun and with my photography I love to create those fun moments.


London > Sydney QF2

The journey home :-)

This is the first shot from the long journey home, left London after sunset, so no photos from there, and now about 30 minutes out from landing in Singapore and clouds looking more like London Bandar Penawar, Malaysia Yohor River, Malaysia and banking to Singapore Palaa Juling, Malaysia Kong Kong Malaysia Tanjung Langsat Big industrial zone, right on the border with Malaysia and Singapore Border in the middle here of Johor Straight, one of those boats is in Malaysia the other in Singapore Chek Jawa wetlands, Singapore Changi 8-9 hours later, coming into land in Sydney Wollongong Bellambi Point, Flagstaff and Wollongong Sandon Point and Bellambi banking hello sunrise layers last approach how's the long, thin low band of cloudKurnell refineries Kurnellflight path to Singapore and then the approach to Singapre

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