Fashion should be fun and with my photography I love to create those fun moments.


Naples>Paris AF 1379

Happy to have worked with L'Idee woman on their campaign shoot in Naples the past 2 days, but now time to head back to Paris for the couture shows

Mt Vesuvius in between the goal poststaxing for take off Napleswoauw, trafficbig sprawling southern Italy seaside city and look at all those boats coming back to Port after a day out on the water and one big one leaving love to spend a week on a boat around here, and a bit further south all those boats Napoli Mt Vesuvius where we shot last night, and had lunch and I can see where my apartment was just north of Naples, another crater very hazy below the road to Florence from Naples we're not alone I crossed these rivers about 7 years ago on a road trip from Florence to Milan remember it well, with all those beautiful river stones and recognise that river as well, usually flying over that after just having crossed the Alps from a Paris or London flight going to Milan nearing the Alps lots of clouds over the Alps, and look at the shadow it is creating impressive The Alps, covered pissing down there right now I bet coming through the other side France It's called Parc naturel regional de la Foret d'Orient, but in the description it says "Parkland with 3 artificial lakes with beaches, marinas & water sports, plus hiking & cycle paths."Looks like 3 rivers joining in the one river Sezanne, Saudoy, Barbonne-Fayel, Fontaine-Denis-Nuisy, La Celle-sous-Chantemerle & Chantemerle, 6 villages about 90 km out of Paris. Now if you go 90 km out of Sydney, you woul dbe lucky to find one village in some places flew past this spot before, big forest, with a couple of roads from different directions all going to this small cleared spot in the middle. Did a little search, and it is a historial monument called Carrefour de L'Etoile .Translated from a local tourism site : This crossroads located in the heart of 4500 hectares of forest is the starting point for eight hiking trails. In the center stands a sandstone column erected in 1726 and nearby is planted a scythe (twisted and gnarled beech). Accessible all year round except on hunting days. The pyramid was Henri IV's hunting spot when he came to hunt in the Traconne forest. La Forestiere French landscape around Paris, not as dry as Spain around MadridCharly-sur-Marne Messy we're not alone D212 & N2 Landed Flight track

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